Old traditions are revived in a new form


Old traditions are revived in a new form ….┬áThis inspiration is an important element for the works of Eddy Manuhutu.┬áThe use of existing, threatened and even lost traditions constitute the starting point for new traditions.

Moluccan Artist Eddy Manuhutu, living in The Netherlands, graduates in 1981 for his Fine Arts and Monumental study at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague.

After a successful debut as an expressionist, Eddy Manuhutu starts looking for a new interpretation of his artistry during the early 90s . He finds his inspiration from his former profession as a tig welder and starts experimenting with metals and welding techniques. His first experience interprets spiritual loaded objects that leads to a magical symbiosis. The search for an identity has been shaped.

“During this search, I found my own way to balance my expressive character with my former profession as tig welder. Because of that balance I’m able to create images with the character of spontaneous spirituality. “
Spirituality plays an important and distinctive role in the creation of Eddy Manuhutu’s work. They are testimonies of emotional expression.

His recent work consists of unique specimens from small to large metal objects and has enriched itself with jewelry such as broches, bracelets, necklaces and pendants.